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"It is a beautiful, efficient stove, and the 'work' of keeping the fire going with its small logs is a mindful, lovely, satisfying task."

Kerry installed her Tiny Wood Stove in her writer's retreat cabin built by Timberhomes Vermont.

Who are you? Tell us something about you!

Kerry...a teacher, a mom, married to a capable carpenter and into a loyal timberframe family.

I have the Tiny Wood Stove installed in my writing cabin in the woods...no power, no water, just a wall of books, some comfortable chairs, a view of the trees and a sweet little stove.


How did you decide on a Dwarf stove?

Based on it's unique look, the combination of materials (steel that heats quickly and cast iron that holds heat). I fell in love with the colored enamel door, and it was the right size to heat my 10x14 cabin.

How difficult was the installation process?

I would say it was super easy. I emailed a couple of questions to be sure we were doing it right (2 English teachers doing the install), and I had to order more insulated pipe once we realized how close it would be to one of the beams in our timberframe, but the end result is great. I also need to add some support to the pipe on the roof...we had some excitement when it got locked in ice and the ice started to slide down the shed roof the first winter. Disaster averted and this past winter we just made sure to keep it free of snow.

IMG_1481 (1)

How has your experience been using the Dwarf? Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space?

One thing I love about the stove is that it gets going SO easily! 6 pieces of newspaper balled up, a little pile of kindling, and a chunk of wood and we're good to go. Our cabin is only lightly insulated...we only have 1.5" of Roxul ComfortBoard in the walls and 3" on the roof. And, here in VT where the winters are cold, I am still able to use the cabin all year long. In the winter it takes a little while to heat up the space (14' ceiling on the tall side, so quite high and, as we know, heat rises), but once warm it holds it well.

Would you recommend a tiny wood stove to others? Why?

Yes. It is a beautiful, efficient stove, and the "work" of keeping the fire going with its small logs is a mindful, lovely, satisfying task.


Have a look at the beautiful Timberframe Cabin Kerry retreats to - and some other Timberframe projects by Timberhomes Vermont (Facebook // Instagram)

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