Installing a Dwarf Heat Shield Kit

Before you begin

You will need:

  • Dwarf Heat Shield Kit
  • 4mm Allen Wrench (included in Dwarf Heat Shield Kit)
  • Dwarf Stove
  • Tape Measure
Heat Shield Installation Guide-01 (1)

Step 1: Measure Clearances

The Dwarf Heat Shield Kit reduces required clearances from the sides and back of the Dwarf stove by 50%.  Instead of 18" from the back and 16" from the sides, you'll only need 9" clearance from the back and 8" from the sides with the heat shield kit installed.

Clearances are measured from the heat source (the stove body) to the nearest combustible material with the shield in between.  Clearances are not measured from the shield itself.  So, it's easiest to measure your clearances before the shields are installed.

Place your stove on the hearth and measure 9" from the back of the stove in all directions to ensure the stove is sufficiently far away from the wall.  Measure 8" from the left and right sides.

The Dwarf Heat Shield Kit reduces the required clearances from the sides and back of the stove ONLY.  If you are using single-wall pipe, you may need some additional shielding for the pipe in order to safely use the minimum clearances around the stove.  Single-wall pipe requires 18" clearance to combustibles.  See our article on How to Build Heat Shields for options to reduce clearances around stovepipe.

Step 2: Install Shields

Locate the four Allen head accessory mounting screws on the left and right sides of your Dwarf Stove.  Remove all eight screws with the 4mm Allen wrench included in your heat shield kit.  Reusing the screws you removed, install two heat shield mounting brackets horizontally on each side of your stove.

Install the side heat shield panels on the left and right sides of your stove using the included hardware.  The side with the holes on the edge should point toward the back of your stove, since those holes are used to mount the back panel.

Install the back heat shield panel on the rear of your stove, using the included hardware to secure it to the rear of the side panels.

If you have an older version of the Dwarf Stove or a Dwarf 3kW LITE without accessory mounting screws, you will need to drill and tap your own accessory mounting points in your stove body.  Remove the firebricks (or ceramic fiber panels for the 3kW LITE) before drilling holes in your stove.  The factory mounting points are threaded M6-1.0.  1/4-20 would also be acceptable if you prefer.

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