Radiant vs. Convection Heat

There’s actually a physical, scientific reason why few people rave about their furnaces the way people fall in love with their wood stoves. Radiant or Convection Heating The difference in the “feel” of a heat source comes down to the way it distributes heat into the room. Convection heaters are designed to heat air that …

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Wood Stove Efficiency

Efficiency in a wood stove is important because it allows you to conserve fuel while getting the most heat into your space and producing the least amount of smoke and creosote. Installing the most efficient wood stove for your space can give you many years of clean-burning, trouble-free warmth. Download our Free Wood Stove Efficiency …

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Pros & Cons of Wood Heat

Pros Ambiance – need we say more? Intense dry heat Not reliant on the grid (electricity, propane, natural gas) Inexpensive or free fuel Cons Fires require tending, sometimes during the night The smell of wood fires can bother some Bringing in wood and taking out ashes can be messy  Regulations  Why choose wood heat? Ambiance …

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