5″ TENT/YURT Small Stove Installation Kit – Wall Exit BUNDLE

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For some installations, a wall exit makes the most sense. This 5″ kit comes with most of parts necessary to exit through your wall. You will need additional double-wall insulated pipe to complete your installation, as well as a thimble or stove jack to seal your wall penetration.  Use our flue parts calculator to build a complete parts list for your project.

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5” Single-Wall Telescoping Stove Pipe

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5” 90 Degree Elbow

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5” Single to Double Adapter

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5″ Insulated Stainless-Steel Flue Pipe


5" Tee Wall Support Bracket

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5" Insulated Tee + Cap

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5" Adjustable Wall Support Bracket

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5” Stainless-Steel Roof Vent

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5” Single-Wall Pipe Clamp × 2

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5” Double-Wall Pipe Clamp × 3

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Stove Gasket Cement

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This kit is for venting 5” stoves (like our Dwarf 5kw Small Wood Stove) out the wall of soft-sided structures like tents or yurts.  It is similar to our 5″ Tiny House Wall Exit Kit, except:

  1. This kit contains a 20″ insulated section to pass horizontally through the wall instead of a 10″ section.  Soft-sided structures typically need a few extra inches of horizontal distance for a successful installation.
  2. This kit does not contain a thimble to pass through the wall.  If you have a soft-sided structure with minimal wall thickness like a canvas yurt or wall tent, you can either provide your own stove jack (must fit 7″ outer diameter pipe), or rivet a pipe boot to a ceiling trim plate with your wall material and some sealant sandwiched in between.  If you have a hard-sided yurt with some thickness to the walls, you’ll want to modify a thimble with an angle grinder to match your wall thickness and enforce the 2″ clearance to combustibles required when passing through the wall.
  3. Since tents and yurts are typically not rigid enough to support the vertical chimney, the tee support bracket and wall support bracket included in this kit should face away from the structure, and attach to a post securely sunk into the ground.


Note: This kit does not include any of the vertical insulated pipe you’ll need between the insulated tee and the roof vent, and only includes a short section of single-wall pipe.  Since every installation is a little bit different, lengths of pipe apart from the minimum required for most installations are sold separately.  You will need enough insulated pipe between the tee and the roof vent to get 3′ above your roof line, or 2′ above any part of the structure within 10′, whichever is higher.  If you want more than 16″ of vertical single-wall pipe inside your space, you’ll need to order that separately.  Use our flue parts calculator to help figure out how much extra pipe you need in addition to the kit.


If you need assistance with calculating how much pipe you need contact us with your plans and the dimension of your space.


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5″ Insulated Stainless-Steel Flue Pipe


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