4″- 7″ Hightemp Silicone Pipe Boot Gasket


This High-Temp silicone (not EDPM) pipe boot is used for sealing your stove pipe (4″-7″ diameter) and roof for a perfect water tight seal. Works great for flat or pitched roofs, with a nonporous roofing material like metal (including standing seam or corrugated) or rubber roofs.  Not compatible with most shingle roofs.

These boots are custom made for us in gray for aesthetic reasons. Any silicone pipe boot you can source in North America is orange, but there’s no physical reason why they need to be orange.  You can source black or gray EDPM boots but they don’t have the same temp ratings as silicone.

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Fits Pipe Outside Diameter: 4 – 7 1/2″

Base Diameter: 11″

Features a flexible aluminum base for forming boot to fit over corrugated roofs.

Boot is sealed (any sealer that is recommended for silicone + your roof surface) then screwed to roof surface.

This pipe boot is best used with our 3″ Double Wall Insulated Pipe and 4″ Double Wall Insulated Pipe and not recommended for single wall pipe.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 11 × 11 in


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