Small Wood Stovesfor tiny & mobile spaces

I want to install a wood stove in my ...


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Small Wood Stovesfor tiny & mobile spaces

I want to install a wood stove in my ...


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Joel and Sara’s cozy and unique Tiny House

"It's so cozy to light a fire in the morning, and the stove puts off an impressive amount of heat."

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Isabelle’s small footprint Tiny House

"I wanted to add a dry heat to a small space where the humidity is often high"

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Vince's stunning Airstream renovation

"It’s honestly one of my favorite things we’ve done to our Airstream"

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Megan's Tiny House in North Carolina

"I love my stove! Its so incredibly cozy. I get so excited to use it when the weather starts to turn."

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Ben’s Tiny House

"We lived in a 3300 sq ft home during the winter we were paying up to $500 a month to heat our home now I can heat my home with sticks my dog leaves lying around!"

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Skoolie living in Montana

"Quality product and real person customer service."

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Gary’s Yurt in Colorado

"The stove itself is very high quality as are all the flue pipe components. Customer service was really great too!"

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Jill's Tiny House Homestead

"We have had a great time enjoying our wood stove. The stove does work very well even in the high winds that we get on a weekly basis. "

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A Writing Cabin in the Woods – Timberhomes VT

"It is a beautiful, efficient stove, and the 'work' of keeping the fire going with its small logs is a mindful, lovely, satisfying task."

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Traveling with kids in a vintage trailer

"There are so many reasons we enjoy the stove, from keeping us warm in incredibly cold climates, to drying all our snow gear in a matter of half an hour to re-heating my coffee on cold mornings and cuddling to a fire at night."

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Oli’s Yurt

"The tiny wood stoves are attractive, compact and functional."

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Vintage Airstream life with four kids

" We love the ability to move our home to new locations in ideal temperatures, and the closeness it has cultivated for our family is the greatest part"

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Jay’s Off-Grid Tiny House Writers Retreat

"The Dwarf Stove works like a charm and heats my tiny home quickly and efficiently."

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Michaels Japanese inspired Tiny House

"Setting up the stove with a friend was a piece of angel food cake"

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The one-of-a-kind adventure rig

"I loved the practicality of the stove. It's small, robust and easy to use."

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Francesca and Nicholas and three dogs - Skoolie life

"We love the idea of being able to pick up our home and move wherever we want or need to go."

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The Kerr Family – Airstream living

"Anyone who came into our Airstream commented on how it felt like a home with the wood stove."

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Jay and Abby's Off-Grid Adventure Van

"There is a sense of home that comes with having a wood stove in your living space."

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Brent and Lindsey's Shuttle Bus Escape

"The ability to have a warm flickering fire makes our space feel like home no matter where we are parked."

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Steve's minimalistic cargo trailer

"It's functional, attractive, easy to install with great product support."

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Brett and Natasha's Cozy Tiny Homestead

"We have a craving for beauty and adventure and freedom—and if you're not loaded, you have to find creative ways of pulling that off."

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Ben and Meag's Debt-Free Happy Bus

"We wanted our next step to be something of our own, unattached to any one location or schedule ..."

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Master Wood Worker's Exquisite Custom Tiny House

"We live in a very expensive part of the world, and this lifestyle has afforded us financial freedom—the ability to live debt free."

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