Poor Draft

Diagnosing common draft problems in small wood stove installations.  Typical symptoms include smoke leaking out of the stove, difficulty starting or maintaining a fire, poor burn efficiency, and insufficient heat produced from the stove.  Coming soon.

Stainless Pipe Discoloration

Stainless steel pipe changing color as its heated, also called tempering, is normal.  It is not an indication of a problem, but can dramatically change the look of stainless steel single-wall pipe.  Read more.

Chemical Odor

What to do if you have a lingering chemical odor when using your stove after installation.  Coming soon.

Insufficient Heat

Possible causes and solutions for a small stove that is producing less heat than it should.  Coming soon.

Water Problems

Diagnosing and repairing water leakage and condensation issues.  Coming soon.

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