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The Dwarf 3kW Standard and Dwarf 3kW LITE are the two smaller stoves we offer in the Dwarf line. Both offer the same dimensions but have a few key differences. Bottom line, the LITE is a great option for small spaces where 20 pounds of weight savings is a big deal and you’re planning on using only a top exit for your chimney. The Standard is the best option for serious heating where the extra 20 lbs isn’t a big deal, you want longer burn times and better control, you want to use the rear exit so you have a larger top cooking surface, and/or you want direct air intake or other accessories.

Here are some of the key feature differences between the two stoves:

  • Air controls: The 3kW Standard has separate primary/secondary air controls which gives you tighter control over airflow and get you a bit longer burn times (about 6 hours max). The 3kW LITE combines the two air controls into one, creating less control (about 4 hours max).
  • Weight: The Standard uses heavy firebrick and a thicker steel body for better heat retention, creating a slower heat release and more stable temperatures. The LITE has a thinner body and lightweight ceramic fiber panels in the firebox.
  • Options: The Standard is compatible with the rear exit kit and direct air intake and has mounting points on the sides for heat shields or future accessories. The LITE is top exit only, with no direct air compatibility, and no mounting points.

You can see a complete comparison here

Still deciding between the Dwarf 3kW LITE and Standard? Contact us with your questions and we will be happy to help you find the answers.

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