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It is definitely not cheap to install a wood stove properly! The parts required for a safe and proper installation are a big investment. Here’s why we think investing the money in the right wood stove and flue parts is so worth it. 

Freedom and Resilience of Wood Heat

There’s a reason people feel an emotional connection to their wood stoves. A real wood fire completely transforms a small living space in the way an electric or propane heater can’t. And the ability to heat and cook with wood gives you freedom and resilience for off-grid travel, or just weathering a power outage.

Function is Critical, Beauty is Important Too

The flue system is the engine of your wood stove, and there is a night and day difference between operating a stove that is drafting properly and one that’s “just OK.” A poorly designed flue can mean smoky fires with dangerous creosote build up, smoke entering your space, and fires that are difficult to keep burning. We balance aesthetic and functional considerations to make sure your installation is beautiful, safe, and a dream to use.

Expert Guides to Help You Get it Right

We have all the right parts for various configurations. No hacking things together or figuring it out for yourself. We’ll help you design the best system for your situation, and send you all the parts you need to build it.


Cutting corners just isn’t worth it. You burn your wood stove in the same place where you, your family, and your pets sleep. The peace of mind knowing your installation is safe and well-maintained is simply non-negotiable.

Our team of wood stove guides is here to help!

First, we can help you find the perfect stove for your needs, then build a parts list to match your vision. 

If your budget is a concern, we can see what choices we could make to keep costs to a minimum. 

Getting your entire flue system on the same order with your stove will help you save by getting you free shipping on everything, and taking advantage of the 10% discount we offer on parts when purchased with a wood stove.

Ask us all the questions you have! For most of our customers, our stove is the first one they’ve ever installed, so we’re here to coach you through it. Our service is part of the price you’re paying, so feel free to take advantage throughout the process. We aren’t happy until you’re sipping tea by a nice warm fire.

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