Stove Placement

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The best location for the stove is as centrally located in the space as possible. Wood stoves heat with radiant heat so the further away from the stove you are, the cooler the temperature will be. Having the stove centrally located will offer the highest potential for even heating throughout the space. Fans can help distribute heat when a central location doesn’t work for your space.

Another major thing to consider when locating a stove is the clearance requirements. You want to make sure the stove is a safe distance from combustibles, electrical outlets, furniture, etc.  You can read more about clearance requirements in the Dwarf Stove Manual and this informative article on heat shields is also a good read to learn how you can reduce those where necessary. 

It’s helpful to avoid installing a stove under a loft whenever possible but it can be accommodated if/when necessary.  You can read more about how to penetrate a loft here (coming soon).

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