Enamel Door


Add a pop of color to your Dwarf stove with an enameled door!  Add this item to your Dwarf stove order, and we’ll ship your stove with the enamel door installed.

Note: this item is the enamel door upgrade only.  The stove is not included.

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This enamel door is a direct replacement for the stock door on a Dwarf 3kW, 4kW, or 5kW.  It is meant to be ordered along with a stove, so we can install it and fit it to the stove for you.

You can order it separately, but be aware that it doesn’t come with glass, a handle, or any hardware (you’ll want to take the hardware off your old door).  Also, because the enameling process adds thickness to the hinge area, you may need to grind some material off the stove body or door hinge area to adjust the fitment of the door.  (We do all that for you if you order it at the same time as your stove.)


Dwarf 3kW, Dwarf 4kW, Dwarf 5kW, Oven


Mint, Rose, Sand, Slate


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