Wood Stoves for Small Spaces

There's nothing quite like a real wood fire to make a small space feel like home.

A wood stove doesn't just provide cheap and reliable radiant heat, but the ambiance of a beautiful flickering fire, and the security of an abundant heat source that's easy to find and store.

But not every stove is appropriate for smaller spaces.  Household sized wood stoves can be too large to use in without overheating the space.  And some small stoves are just too tiny to be practical for serious heating.  Take the time to find the perfect stove for your space and lifestyle, and you'll spend countless evenings enjoying the warm glow of a real wood fire.

"We have a craving for beauty and adventure and freedom—and if you're not loaded, you have to find creative ways of pulling that off."

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What is the best wood stove for my small space?

Choosing the right size wood stove for your project is the first step to enjoying years of cozy evenings by the fire.

Traditional household stoves can be too large for many small space projects.  If your stove is too large, it will be difficult to use it without making your space uncomfortably hot.  Choking down a too-large stove can also produce dangerous amounts of creosote, which can cause a chimney fire if not properly managed.

On the other hand, some mini stoves are just too small for serious heating.  A properly sized stove can provide longer overnight burns, plenty of heat for even the coldest Winter days, and can even help manage humidity.

Our wood stove BTU Calculator for small spaces is a great place to start.  To choose the right stove for your needs, consider how you plan to use your stove, and what features and accessories are important to you.  Will your stove be your primary or sole heat source, or will you just use it for supplemental heat and ambiance?  Do you want the option to use your stove for cooking as well as heating?  Do you want a large fire viewing window, efficient airtight controls, or a direct air kit?  Do you want options to customize the look of your stove, like an enamel door or wood storage stand?

The Dwarf 3kW

Our smallest stove, the Dwarf 3kW, is a great option for the smallest spaces and milder climates where less heat is required.  The compact size is perfect for fitting in tight spaces.  The tall firebox, airtight controls, and secondary burn technology give the Dwarf 3kW stove the longest burn time in the 3kW size.  Enjoy cozy nights, watching the fire through the large window while you warm a kettle on the cooktop.

The Dwarf 3kW Standard is a full-featured stove designed for serious heating.  We've packed in all the same features and options as our larger stoves, just in a smaller package.  For mobile spaces where weight is a concern, our Dwarf 3kW LITE offers a simpler set of features in a lightweight package.  Compare the Dwarf 3kW Standard vs. LITE.

The Dwarf 4kW

The Dwarf 4kW is our medium sized small stove, and it's our most popular model.  The 4kW size is a perfect fit for medium sized small spaces in mild climates, and smaller spaces in colder climates.  With more features and options than many full-sized stoves, the Dwarf 4kW is a great choice for serious heating, unmatched ambiance, and lots of options to customize the look of your stove.

The Dwarf 5kW

Our largest small stove, the Dwarf 5kW cranks out plenty of heat and provides longer burn times for larger spaces and very cold climates.  With all the features you need in a wood stove, and tons of options available to customize the look and functionality of your stove, the Dwarf 5kW can turn long, cold winters into cozy evenings by the fire.

For even more functionality, add the oven accessory to make the Dwarf Cookstove Combo.

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How to install a wood stove

When installing a wood stove, planning ahead for a safe and functional installation is a must!  Tiny spaces present unique challenges for wood stove installs.  Using proper materials, good flue design, and adequate safety clearances will ensure a safe and reliable installation for years to come.

Building Your Flue System

The flue system is the "engine" of the wood stove.  Without the flue creating draft, a wood stove will not burn properly.  Consult our flue design resources for detailed information on good flue design principles.

Proper materials are critical for a safe wood stove installation.  Only use solid fuel rated stovepipe and chimney pipe for installing a wood stove.  Pellet pipe and B-vent are not rated to withstand the high temperatures produced by a wood stove.

Start with one of our installation kits, then add extra pipe as needed to fit your space.  Run your space through our flue system builder for a complete list of parts for your project, or contact us for help from a human.

"I crave to live simply and to get creative with how to make a meaningful and intentional space."

Roof exits generally draft best, and are cheaper to install than wall exits.  If a roof exit is not an option, though, wall exits can be used for 4" or larger stoves.  Be sure to review the installation instructions for your roof exit or wall exit kit before you complete your install.

If your project will be mobile, especially if the height is near the 13.5 - 14.5 foot legal highway towing maximum height, you may want to plan for a detachable chimney.

Installing Your Stove

Your wood stove will generally need to sit on a fireproof hearth that protects the floor below from heat radiating from the stove, and from embers falling out of the door.  A hearth is usually made of some combination of tile, stone, metal, or cement board.  Consult the Dwarf Manual for specific requirements on hearth design.

Wood stoves get very hot during operation, so they require a significant amount of air space between the stove and surrounding combustible materials.  Most small space installations use heat shields to reduce the required clearances by up to 2/3.

Consider elevating your stove off the floor with a wood storage stand, or installing it on top of a custom cabinet or counter.  Raising the firebox off the ground can make stoking and viewing the fire more comfortable, and often looks more visually appealing.

If your space is relatively airtight, consider adding a dedicated fresh air supply with the direct air kit.  Feeding your stove with outside air will ensure there is plenty of air available for combustion, and will prevent the stove from creating cold drafts through leaky window and door seals.

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Why work with Tiny Wood Stove?

Tiny Living Community

We're tiny living people like you, working to live intentionally and to support others doing the same.  We care about your journey, and can relate to the challenges you're running into along the way.  Read more about us.

Personal Support

Building or remodeling your space is not an easy project!  But you're not alone.  Whether you're using our products or not, we'll offer whatever help we can to help make your tiny living dreams a reality.  Contact us to chat about your project, email us at support@tinywoodstove.com, or call at 208-352-3417.

The Right Materials

We carry wood stoves and solid fuel rated flue parts that are specifically designed for tiny and mobile spaces.  We're familiar with the unique challenges of building tiny, and we carry specialized parts to support compact and mobile installs.

If you need something we don't carry, we'll tell you where to find it.  And if you need help with an unusual or creative design, we're here to help with that, too.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form at the top of this page to talk to a tiny wood stove expert about your project.  Or, run your space through the BTU Calculator—it's free, and will guide you to the best wood stove to use in your home.

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