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Elizabeth put a Dwarf 5kw in her skoolie home 4 years ago, and it’s keeping her and her family warm while she’s building their home in Northern Vermont.


Tiny House

Codylived in his Tiny House for almost 8 years, and he upgraded his wood stove to the Dwarf 4kw for a longer burn time during central Oregon winters.


Tiny House

Lucas installed a Tiny Wood Stove in his Tiny House, which he calls home if he’s not traveling the country in his van.



Heather got her Dwarf 4kw stove when she decided to settle down in Vermont in the RV she has been living in for the past 5 years.

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What size stove do I need?
Most Yurts and tents have fairly minimal insulation when compared to a typical tiny house and therefore need a little bit large of a stove for the cubic footage. Yurts of 20’ diameter or larger (or tents of 300 square feet or large) will generally be best served by the Dwarf 5kw stove while the smallest yurts under 16’ diameter are perfect for the Dwarf 3kw. That said there are many variables to consider when sizing a stove including usage, climate and space efficiency. Check our Stove Selector tool to put in your yurt or tent measurements and temperatures.
What parts do I need
Since every space is different installation parts do not come with the stoves. We have base kits for different spaces then depending on your setup, you’ll need one or more additional pieces of chimney pipe. Chimney parts can be overwhelming so we made our Chimney Selector which will help you calculate exactly what you need for a strightforward installation. If you have a more involved installation or you just prefer human help, feel free to contact us.
How much will it all cost?
Like many projects, there is a vast range for the total cost. While price is an important factor, total value is what we recommend you focus on. While you can find a cheaper wood stove elsewhere, it’s wise to invest in the best solution upfront for a wood stove that will last a lifetime, will burn efficiently, and comes with support from a team of folks who live small just like you. A typical wall exit installation in a yurt or tent will run you around $2000 for the stove, chimney pipe, and all installation parts. Got a vision for your installation and want to know how much it will cost? Try our Chimney Selector or contact us.
How long will it burn?
Burn time depends on fuel quality, fuel quantity, and air settings. In general, you can expect 3KW 3-5hrs, 4KW 4-6hrs & 5KW 6-8hrs. We’ve gotten the best results with burn time using compressed logs. For more info check out our article on How to Make your Wood Stove Burn Longer.
Should I have the pipe exit the roof or the wall?
In yurts or tents, it’s generally easiest to support the weight of the flue pipes with a wall exit. A roof exit needs to have something solid to mount the roof support bracket to which can be harder to come by in a fabric structure. With a wall exit, you can mount a 4×4 post in the ground outside your structure where the pipe will exit the wall and mount the wall exit flue support bracket to the post.
How do I protect the wall material?
Our 4″ Yurt/Tent Installation kit comes with most of parts necessary to exit through your wall. You will need additional double-wall insulated pipe to complete your installation, as well as a thimble or stove jack to seal your wall penetration. Your yurt/tent supplier will likely offer wall exit stove pipe jacks which you will need to safely penetrate the material.
What are the clearance requirements? How close to the wall/cabinet can I put my stove?
The stoves require 18″ clearance from anything combustible and you can reduce this to 6″ using a simple heat shield on the wall. You can also use our stove mounted heat shields to reduce the clearance to 9″. For more information check out our article Heat Shields for Clearance Reduction.
Why should I do business with you?
We’re tiny living people like you, working to live intentionally and to support others doing the same. We care about your journey, and can relate to the challenges you’re running into along the way.
We carry wood stoves and solid fuel rated flue parts that are specifically designed for small stoves. We’re familiar with the unique challenges of building and modifying yurts and small structures, and we carry specialized parts to support compact and mobile installs. If you need something we don’t carry, we’ll tell you where to find it. And if you need help with an unusual or creative design, we’re here to help with that, too

You can access our extensive Knowledge Base of articles all about wood heat in small spaces.

Contact Us at any point along your journey and we are happy to help!

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“We help the Tiny Living community stay warm & cozy and off-the-grid with efficient small wood burning stoves.”

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