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Step 1: Find the Perfect Wood Stove

A wood stove should be perfectly matched to your space.  Too big, and you won't be able to use your stove without overheating your house.  Too small, and you'll be cold all Winter.

Our BTU calculator is designed to find the perfect small stove for your tiny home.

Step 2: Design Your Flue System

Already have your stove picked out?

Get a shopping list of all the parts you'll need to complete your install with Floo the Parts Robot.

Whether you're using a Dwarf stove or not, we have the hard to find small sizes of proper solid fuel rated stovepipe you need for your project.

Vermont based Sugarhouse homestead property.

I woke up shivering.

The cold stung my face.  Silence.

The familiar hum of the electric heater was missing.  Power lines were down.  Again.  I swung my feet to the floor, still cocooned in my comforter, and made my way to the wood stove to start a fire.

As I warmed my hands in the light of a crackling fire, I thought back to my tiny home build.  I poured my soul into this space—everything I need, nothing I don't, and wheels to take it all with me.  I didn't know where my life would lead, but I wanted to be prepared for the journey.

As the kettle whistled for my morning coffee, I remembered the community who helped me to build this life.  I always knew I wanted the kind of freedom a wood stove would give me, but so many tiny living people had trouble with their stoves.  Some wood stoves were huge—you couldn't use them without opening the windows.  Others were so small, they couldn't burn more than an hour or two, and would never provide enough heat to get me through the Winter.  A few of my friends bought a stove, but later found the company didn't offer the parts or support required to safely install it.

Not a Toy

The tiny stove I chose for my home has all the features of a larger household stove, but in the perfect size to fit my space.  There are three different sizes of Dwarf stove to choose from, and a BTU calculator to decide which one is best.  And the calculator links directly to specs for all the popular small wood stoves in that size, so I knew I was making the best choice for my home.

Is it safe?

Dwarf stoves are designed to be installed in tiny mobile structures like tiny homes on wheels, and the people at Tiny Wood Stove have spent years helping hundreds of people safely install them.  The Dwarf Manual has detailed instructions on how to install safely, and the Tiny Wood Stove customer support team ( was there to answer any questions I had along the way.

Made for Full-Time Living

Even in its smallest size, the Dwarf stove packs more features than some household stoves.  A huge fire viewing window for ambiance, an air wash to keep the glass clean, an ash pan and riddling grate, a firebox lined with refractory brick and a baffle for efficiency, and three separate air controls to give you the longest overnight burns of any stove in this size.  Optional features like direct air, spring handles, tall legs or wood storage stands help to customize a stove to fit your home.  On- or off-Grid, the right wood stove can transform any tiny space.

Dwarf 4kw heating water pot

Lasting Value

A wood stove is a permanent fixture of your home, so you'll enjoy it for years.   Save money by heating and cooking with wood.  Heat your home when the power goes out, or be free to live off-grid.  Enjoy the powerful warmth and ambiance of sitting by the fire in the evenings.

Heating with wood means you can live the life you want, where you want, on your own terms.  Isn't that why we're all living tiny in the first place?

Personal Service

The Tiny Wood Stove team are real people who really do live tiny.  Cody (Tiny House), Elizabeth (Skoolie), Julia (Silver Streak), Dan (Airstream), and founder Nick (Formerly Airstream, Now 5th Wheel, Building a Tiny House) all personally installed their own wood stoves in their tiny spaces, and are happy to coach you every step of the way to ensure a safe installation.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form at the top of this page to talk to a tiny wood stove expert about your project.  Or, run your space through the BTU Calculator—it's free, and will guide you to the best wood stove to use in your home.

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